2 Box 2021 MLB -- 2 Random Teams, Tiered per spot (Topps Series 1 Jumbo, Inception)

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You are purchasing a spot for 2 random teams for 2 boxes of 2020 Football.  1 Box of Prizm No Huddle; 1 box of 2020 Mosaic Football Cellos.

1 Team from Tier 1, 1 Team from Tier 2 per spot -- $99/spot

Tier 1 Tier 2
Braves Dbacks
Orioles Cubs
RedSox Reds
WhiteSox Indians
Tigers Rockies
Angels Astros
Dodgers Royals
Twins Marlins
Mets Brewers
Yankees A's
Phillies Rays
Pirates Rangers
Padres Jays
Giants Nats
Mariners Cardinals